marblemedia The Adrenaline Project (2008)

Bringing a popular TV shows excitement to the web with games, videos and details about the show.

Project Overview

The Adrenaline Project is a marblemedia production, and created by Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg. Despite the fact that the show is a Canadian production, the version airing on YTV is not entirely the same as the version airing on 4Kids TV. As, during the episode, in the American broadcasts, trivia will appear either horizontally or vertically displaying factoids relating to that particular event. This does not appear in the version airing on YTV; it is unknown if this was done by marblemedia or by 4kids Entertainment to ensure the shows' E/I status on 4Kids TV.

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Personal Role

Built customized video playback system allowing for embedded advertisements on the timeline with the obligation to be viewed before continuing the view playback. This video playback system was used on many more mablemedia projects moving forward.

Technology Used
  • ActionScript 3
  • PHP

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